His Glory Gang | Discipleship Training Materials

An effective youth discipleship and evangelism program is critical. As a Youth Pastor or youth leader, finding the right Christian youth ministry program for youth discipleship can be challenging. An anointed youth training program containing lessons and resources to use for both youth groups and youth leaders is difficult to find.

Stop searching. HIS Glory Gang is what you are looking for.

Evangelism, Discipleship Training, Maturity, Unity, Harvest

HIS Glory Gang is a powerful discipleship and evangelism program designed to help youth ministers and leaders teach the current “Y” generation the foundational principles needed to courageously live for God. This unique, simple, illustrated discipleship teaching program based on John 14:6 will prepare, mature, energize, and equip believers of all ages, but especially today’s teenagers, for God’s final harvest.

What is the Concept Behind His Glory Gang?

HIS Glory Gang is based on John 14:6—Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and the only way to Father God. The curriculum is organized around the “why” of our redemption, a simple yet profound concept that is easily understood by new believers and mature saints alike. HIS Glory Gang brings a fresh, enthusiastic, easily-illustrated means of presenting the foundational truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a format that students will understand, remember, and be able to apply in their life. The program can be presented in a classroom, home, or church setting to anyone from approximately 11 years of age into adulthood who desires to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord and be equipped to minister to others.

How Does the His Glory Gang Program Work?

Teacher Discipleship Manual

HIS Glory Gang is designed to be flexible and effective in a variety of settings. The program can be used as a short series of classes or an extended discipleship teaching program spread out over an entire year. The discipleship training material is perfect for training both youth and adults and it can be used in many ways, including Sunday school classes, new believer classes, weekly services, personal Bible study, summer camps, after-school programs, prison ministry, and evangelism/outreach training.

There are many potential uses for His Glory Gang materials, and the length of the discipleship program you set up will depend on how much of the teaching material you desire to give your students to encourage their spiritual maturity.