About Sharon Hopf


Some have asked me, “Why are you devoting your life to ministering to youth at your age?” I’ve even asked myself the same question on occasion. Then I remember that God is the One who told me to do it. However, in reflecting back on a very traumatic time in my life, I realized I had indirectly asked God…

In 1997, my oldest grandson was stabbed while innocently watching TV at a friend’s house. He died about three days later as life support was removed from his “mechanical existence.”

It was during this time that God asked me to pray for the salvation of the young man who had committed this horrible crime. Time literally stopped! I could hardly breathe at the request God made. However, I immediately knew I had a choice: either I would obey God or I would do what I felt like doing. One would enable me to go on with my life and the other would imprison me with hatred, bitterness, and anger. With God’s help, I was obedient.

It was during the funeral as the family was walking behind the casket on the way to the cemetery that I muttered under my breath, “Satan, I don’t know how, when or where, but you’re going to pay for this! You don’t touch my family and get away with it!”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but when God called me to go into youth ministry my third year at Bible school, the answer to the “payback of Satan” was unfolding. The teaching program and the ministry tools are the “weapons of revenge against Satan and the kingdom of darkness” God has given to me for this task. I had spoken as to the how, when and where issues, but it is God that has given the “Y” why of the matter. Every time someone gets born again, becomes a strong disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, rededicates his or her life to the Lord, is filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, decides to go into full time ministry, or makes a wise choice for his or her life because of what he or she has learned, I hear “gotcha Satan” in my spirit. It is through the His Glory Gang curriculum that young people and young adults can learn how to effectively share the Gospel message.

It is my prayer that you will be able to use my discipleship training program to its fullest in order to teach your youth group, Bible study group, or Sunday school class how to effectively become Ambassadors for Christ.

Sharon I. Hopf