Discipleship, Maturity, Revival, Unity, Harvest

HIS Glory Gang is a cutting edge discipleship and evangelism program to help youth ministers and leaders prepare this “Y” generation for God’s harvest. It is a unique, simple, illustrated teaching program that will prepare, mature, energize and equip believers of all ages but especially this present ‘Y’ generation for God’s final harvest. The 19 teaching and ministry tools along with the evangelism tracts are designed to bring targeted impact and to aid in the process of discipleship and training believers to fulfill the Great Commission. The teaching manual is an extended outline of 200+ pages based on John 14:6. It is divided into five major tabbed sections being: The WAY, the TRUTH, AND, the LIFE and ALTAR CARE Outreach.

The discipleship teaching manual may be used as a shortened series of classes, an extended teaching program spread over an entire year or more of training for youth and/or adults either as a Sunday school class, a new believer’s class, used for weekly evening service, personal use, youth summer camp, after school, in a prison ministry or evangelism and outreach training. There are many potential uses and the time frame will depend on how much of the program you desire to give your students.

Each evangelism tract is a powerful teaching tool designed to aid any believer to share the gospel. However, when used together with the various sections of the teaching manual, they become more useful to both strengthen the students and aid them in evangelism ministry. They are also extremely valuable as ‘handouts’ in your church, altar care or prayer room ministry, your personal ministry, and outreach and/or street evangelism teams.

We must disciple and equip today’s “Y” generation to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! Our youth discipleship and evangelism program will provide the edge that you need to simplify and prepare the youth in your church.