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People can spot a hypocrite from a mile away. The worst thing anyone, especially a believer, you can do is say one thing and do another. If you are not serious about genuinely living with the Holy Spirit’s influence in your life and displaying Godly character traits, not only will you not be effective, but people will see you as a phony and you may lose any opportunity that you may have had to share the gospel with that person. The saying is true: actions speak louder than words! The words that you speak won’t carry any weight until you show people through your actions that you sincerely care about where they will spend eternity!

Here are some practical things you can do without having to say much at all:

Maintain a Good Attitude

Everyone is looking for answers to their problems, and hunting for the next thing to uplift their spirits. Demonstrating a positive attitude—even in the middle of a crisis—will leave a lasting impression to those that are watching how you will respond to your own problems that life brings. Your positive attitude creates an atmosphere around you that is contagious, and will most certainly open the door to share with others where your source of happiness comes from. Circumstances in life change, but Christ remains the same, and He is the constant in your life that keeps you positive no matter what life throws your way! On the other hand, if all people see is the top of your head as you sink into negativity, they will not think of you when they look for someone to confide in.

Be Respectful to Others

No matter what the circumstances are, treat people with dignity and respect. When you show others that you consistently do not change how you treat people, even when you are mistreated, you are displaying the love of God. When God displayed His love to the world, we did not deserve it:
“For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6 KJV)
If you only give respect to those that give it to you, how are you different from someone that doesn’t have a relationship with Christ? God’s love in you will compel you to treat everyone the same. Everyone wants to be respected, and if they know they will receive it from you not because of how they have treated you, but because it is simply your nature to do so, they will wonder how you’re able to show this kind of respect for others because it is truly rare. It can only create more opportunities to share Christ!

Seek to Be a Blessing!

Find ways to be a blessing to others; not only does it show that you are the genuine article, but when you seek out ways to help those that need it, you are doing exactly what Jesus did in His earthly ministry:
“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.” (Acts 10:38 KJV)
Saying you’re a Christian is one thing, but displaying Christ-like characteristics in a tangible way every day is what will get people’s attention; it shows that you live what you believe. Being a blessing doesn’t mean being weird and over spiritualizing everything. Generally, it is the small things that people appreciate. Simply recognizing a coworker for a job well done when no one else does, taking a neighbor to lunch just to see how they are doing, and being a good listener to someone that is hurting are all excellent ways to extend God’s graciousness in you. Being a blessing isn’t always about money! When you repeatedly find ways to bless those around you, you don’t have to verbalize that you are a Christian—people will naturally be drawn to your compulsion to bless others.

Don’t Compromise Your Beliefs

It is impossible to live in this world and not be confronted with situations where you’ll have the opportunity to compromise your Christian beliefs.
“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)” (Hebrews 10:23 KJV)
Show people that you are not willing to undermine your Christian witness and your commitment to follow God’s Word. You don’t need to verbally declare that you refuse to live in the “gray area”—just stick to your guns and hold fast to your resolution to live right. Be assured that people are watching you and taking mental notes about your conduct whether you realize it or not. Your ability to be steadfast in a compromising situation proves that you really do believe what you say that you believe. And when those around you find you to be an authentic disciple of Christ, they’ll know that they can come to you with life’s problems and questions about God. Maximize those moments to open the Scriptures and share Christ with them. It is only after they have seen that you are the real thing that your words will influence them to make a decision to follow Christ.

Don’t Forget

Remember that it won’t matter what you say until people first see that you live by the things that you say without compromise. In most situations, you must earn the right to speak into someone’s life. It is important to live by the values and teachings that you claim to believe. Your Christian conduct is the one thing that will gain you the access you desire to speak to those that need Christ. When your life displays evidence that you have been with Jesus, you’ll have more opportunities than you can count to share what God has done for you!

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